Garage Floor Maintenance Tips

There are many ways that you can take care of your floors, walls and other areas of your home.  The most basic are going to be sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.  When it comes to garage floor epoxy, you will want to take some specific steps in order to ensure they are well maintained.


Since epoxy is a coating that you apply to your floors, it will be more susceptible to damage from chemicals.  If you have chemicals that are high in acid or have a high stain content, you may cause damage.  If the chemicals even just cause a small scratch or abrasion, it could be the first steps in creating larger problems.

Don’t drop heavy objects

When working in your garage you may be working with heavy objects.  These objects can be a few pounds to a few tons.  If you drop these items onto the floor you can crack or chip the epoxy or even worse, crack or chip the concrete structure below.  If any of these happen, it could cause you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Watch sand and dirt

Large issues like heavy items can be easily monitored and dealt with.  However, where your real damage will occur is with the small things that you don’t see or even think about.  Since epoxy is a clear coating, it can easily become scratched or damaged by sand, dirt or even by walking on it.  This shouldn’t keep you from applying epoxy to your garage floor, in fact, it does take a lot to do any damage to it, but also, it can happen so be aware of it.

garage floor epoxy

Clean up tire marks

When we drive on our floors the oil and crease on our tires can easily leave marks.  These marks over time will start to dull the finish and make your floor look older and worn.  If you see any of these marks, it is highly suggested that you go and clean these marks. Many of them can be removed by the bottom of your shoes while others may need a polisher to give your floor that brand new look and shine.